super duper

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I see you  light where do you come from

I see you surpassing hills mountains plains

I see you throughout the day and night what are you

i see you in every home poor or rich

I see you in both places death and birth

I see you in parties and funerals

I see you peneterate souls & eyes

I see people open bodies gazing widly at you

I see you in mosque churches.temples

i see duplicates made of you

I see you abundantly

I see you fade off

Mysterious it sounds

I’ll get you one day

Light me up

Cozz all i see is darkness



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Our Friendship like numbers countless they are but alot of memories
Seven colours make a rainbow we all wanna touch
Six Bullets make a round in a pistol,we all wanna use
Five fingers make a hand. We all wanna feel
Four people make The Beatles,we all wanna hear
Three Flavours make the Amul tri cone,we all wanna eat
Two people make a family,we all wish for
One  unknown being, i want your friendship

everybodies waiting

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everybodies Waiting to laugh damn cheecks pulled up

everybodies waiting to pee damn water no minerals

everybodies waiting for thier journey damn  engine sound  nothing

everybodies waiting  for  success damn we get suck ass

everybody’s waiting  teeth rubbed,pockets screaming

everybodies dead but the misconception of a second birth still waiting

everybodies waiting

I miss you

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Ya i miss you

Like the cry of a childless mother

Hundreds of people gathered

Thousands of horses running

Mirage of you appears

Is it the thirst for water

The road is coming to an end

is it the end of the earth

I see the sun and road touch feel kiss each other

walking blazing heat,dried lips,ray bans on

Bushy hair,partying freaks,beer women 

Golden cups,midas touch,riches

thorns,black roses,everythings  fading

colourblind,hard to distinguish

pain is all i see

Thank you thing miss unknown

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Thank you For dancing in the Rain you always brought a smile not only to me but to everyone

Thank you For Sharing all The Masala Omlettes we had together

Thank you For Making me Realise that we are called to be a shadow of success

Thank you For those Smiles When you were wrapped up in that barbie jacket of yours

Thank you For all the Rickshaw Rides you saved my money

Thank you For being the laughing Buddha of of my heart and also the class

Thank you for every Small thing you bought and said to me even that little SMS

Like a drop of blood you racing through every Vessel in my body,Your presence is always Felt Like the thirst of mother earth for water, Shine like a blossomed Flower And Shine brigther Then any Star
Thank U


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Who are you
Are you That star i see,people constantly talking about
Are you That street light,people constantly sit under it
Are you That Cozy coat, people constantly die for your comfort
Are you that neem tree,people constantly worshiping
Are you a Martian or some crazy being
Whatever i dont care cozz you my friend

Beautiful you

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If the Sun were your Eyes, you blink and we get a new tommorow
If the Trees were your Hair, you Sway it once and cool gushing breeze fill the atmosphere
If the Ponds were your Tears, we get a lake of pure fresh water
If the Fields were your Skin, we get a river of flowing fresh milk cream
If the Earth was your body, everyone crave to live in this happy envoirment
But If’s are Just If’s And will remain If’s
You see how important you to this world