About me

Hmmm…where do I start well if u will go on looks then u might just find me attractive but I cant assure u that I have a very good knack at pleasing people with my humour…I can make anyone laugh no matter how sad,depressed or lonely they are.As they always say every person is special in their own way,I have more of a don give a fuck about anyone if they don’t respect me attitude…I believe that every one should live life to the fullest and no matter how many problems I have I never show it on my face I hide everything behind my smile(luckily I have a good set of teeth)…hehe.As far as girls go I haven’t had much success with many…cause I haven’t really found the perfect one and the ones which I have found really have been the perfect ones,I wont say I am rich cause I ain’t …cause I spend only what I earn so I guess that makes me a independent person,I aint very intelligent but yes I am clever and use my brains when I need them the most…hehe.and at last I wont change for anyone cause (I AM WHAT I AM) LOVE ME OR HATE ME I GIVE A FUCK.I wont tell u to look at the testimonials what my friends have written for me cause that’s their perception of what I am,and I believe that every one has their own way of looking at life from a different angle…So go ahead judge me on your perception.Peace people love all my friends and love my enemies even more


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